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Advertising brings in the best of both worlds

Pay-Per-Click is an effective method to bring instant traffic to your site through search engines and social medias that have a ton of traffic such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Through this advertising model, ads are created around targeted keywords and audiences to drive traffic to your business, get new leads, annouce your sales or promotions, and even get more phone calls. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

While anyone can set up and run a PPC campaign, those who lack experience and strategy often just throw their budget down the toilet. The key to getting the best ROI in PPC is through testing, data analysis, re-targeting, and the ability to think outside the box.

Boost Sales
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Give your business an immediate boost.
We help businesses save money by advertising to their target market at the right time.

The Ins and Outs

PPC and media buying can be an effective marketing strategy for almost any business, but especially for these types of companies:

  • E-commerce.

  • High customer lifetime value (dentists, doctors, cable providers)

  • High margin (repair jobs, computer equipment, home appliances)

  • Seasonal or event-based value (flowers, gift baskets, costumes)

  • Companies who want to maintain their dominant status in the industry

In addition, PPC is used as part of an overall digital marketing strategy that can also boost SEO rankings, broaden your brand and even attract new customers.

Research and analysis

We research your business, competitors, and industry to create your optimal keyword list and strategy.

Creating and buying

We produce highly creative and compelling ad copy to convert your visitors into customers.


We target high quality, conversion friendly traffic based on factors such as mobile, demographics, location, time, keywords, and more.


We implement conversion tracking, analytics, and monthly reporting to show you your results.

Great PPC and media buying is a science and an art, which is why you will feel comfortable with The Best Marketing Agency handling your business ads. Our media buying team are experienced in using complex bidding strategies for paid channels in order to push the right message towards the right audience at the right time at the lowest cost — saving YOU money.

We advertise your business on what matters.

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